For a holiday where you are left FELINE relaxed!

All of our accommodation are walk in style rooms with a minimum room floor area of 3m2 as we believe cats need space 24hrs a day to stretch their legs. 

Every room has a large window/door enabling full view out into the surrounds so our guests can watch the bird life outside or the comings and goings of the resort. Some rooms are more private and suit the quieter cat with views of only the gardens and others face towards reception or driveway enabling the additional stimulation of the resort arrivals and departures.

Whilst all our rooms are air-conditioned we dont run these 24/7 and use them dependent on the requirements of our guests and the ambient temperature. We feel this is important for the health and wellbeing of our guests as it is not in their best interest to be in airconditioning 24/7.

All our rooms have a couple of ledges, a scratch post, hidey hole as well as a comfy bed. In addition we have ramps/stairs to assist with older guests as well as  toys for the more playful (these are designated on an as need basis).


All our cats get cuddles/interactions/grooming/story time and games multiple times a day as we feel this is essential for them to make the most of their time here on Vacation.

Throughout the day we take photos of all our guests whilst we are with them and place a selection up each night on facebook so you can see what is happening at the resort.

Budget rooms

- $25/cat/night

- only $7.5/additional cat sharing (family only to maximum of 2 cats)

- Inside rooms only with large windows

- chair, nook and small hammock

- Approximately 3m2

Standard rooms

- $30/cat/night 

- only $7.5/additional cat sharing (family only to maximum of 2 cats)

- Inside rooms with sliding window opening out to a deck 

- sun-lounge bed and nook

- scratch post on each deck

- Approximately 4m2


- $37.5/cat/night

- only $7.5/additional cat sharing (family only to maximum of 4 cats)

- Extra large inside outside rooms

- Large outdoor area with hammock and tunnel

- Approximately 6m2

- Single bed with doona and nook

- large scratch tower for sitting

- TV/DVD players in each room with videos running 24/7

Studio rooms

- $50/cat/night

- only $7.5/additional cat sharing (family only to maximum of 5 cats)

- Extra large inside outside rooms

- Supersized 10m2+ room

- Single bed with doona and nook

- large scratch tower 

- Single seat lounge chair for relaxing as well as additional benches/nooks for sitting

- hanging chair and tunnel in outside area

- full sized TV with videos running 24/7

- fish tank

- water fountain

- Homely feeling rooms​

- additional toys and treat feeders


- Standard medications (tablets/drops) can be administered, but must be vet prescribed and approved by staff prior to check in (contact us via email/phone to approve)

- Insulin will unfortunately no longer be accommodated.

Transportation (pick up and delivery)

- collection and delivery from your residence/airport (must have someone present to deliver/receive the guest)

- available Monday-Friday between 10.30 am and 2.30 pm (appointment time will be arranged)

- cost calculated at $1.75/km based on google maps.

Visitation (for stays of greater than 30days only)

- Visitation of guests is permitted via appointment in our visitation area (coming soon)

- Visitation is not permitted over peak periods

- there is a $20/visitation charge to accommodate for time/cleaning and resettling of the guests.


Discounts are only available off peak and only one discount is available at a time

- 10% discount for aged Pensioners (must be notified at time of booking and pensioner concession card must be shown at check in)

- long term discounts available for stays over 30 days. Please contact us for prices for your specific dates