For a holiday where you are left FELINE relaxed!

Our Resort is nestled within land for wildlife property which helps to create the beautiful relaxed atmosphere of our resort. The accommodation is located near to our private residence for security and shares the beautiful outlooks. In addition to nature, the resident goats and ducks add to the feel and provide endless entertainment and amusement for both our guests and their owners.

Trained in Cat psychology, nursing as well as animal care there is not much we don't know about cats. Our young family has grown up in the boarding industry and plays a large part in the caring for the cats. A majority of the guests look forward to the kid interaction however for those that may not be as confident we give them the choice.

We have exceptional standards of hygiene and health and have done considerable research into everything we use and how we do things at the resort. We also continue to evolve and happily conduct further research and learning on new developments. We require proof of flea and worming and we require evidence of current F3 vaccination.

We feed premium dry food as well as fresh premium meat however  we can also feed own diets upon request if supplied by owner.

Our guests are here on Vacation and we pride ourselves on making sure they enjoy their stay. One of the most rewarding parts of our job is encouraging a nervous cat to become more confident. We encourage daily activity with all our guests, and give playtime and plenty of cuddles and brushes. In addition we take photos of our guests and share some online each day on facebook.